Branding is what your business needs to break through the clutter and grab your ideal customer’s attention. It’s what transforms first-time buyers into lifetime customers and turns an indifferent audience into brand evangelists. It’s what you need to stand out, make an impact and take your business to the next level.

Your brand isn’t just an add-on to be considered as and when. It should be right at the centre of your business, affecting everything you do and simultaneously reflecting the sum of everything you do. It is, in essence, both the cause and effect of all your actions.

Here are ten tips on how to successfully implement branding for your business.

1. Get details

As you get started to work on a project you need to know every detail related to the product/ or service, from their target audience to their plan in the future and where they see their project going.

2. Define the brand

Review the product or service the business offers. Pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of the customers. A brand character should promote a business, connect with the customer base and differentiate it in the market.

3. Research competitor brands within the industry

You should never imitate exactly what the big brands are doing in your industry. But, you should be aware of what they do well (or where they fail).

The goal is to differentiate from the competition. Convince a customer to purchase from you over them!

You can Create a brand competitor research spreadsheet

4.Determine the brand’s target audience

When brand building, keep in mind who exactly you are trying to reach. You’ll tailor your mission and message to meet their exact needs.

The key is to get specific. Figure out detailed behaviors and lifestyle of your consumers.

When building your brand, think of it as a person.

Every one of us is an individual whose character is made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define who we are and who we connect with. Our personality determines how we behave in different situations, how we dress and what we say. Of course for people it’s intuitive and it’s rare that you even consider what your own character is. But when you’re building a brand it’s vital to have that understanding.

5. Create a memorable logo

Once you decide on your main product or service, you need to create a good name and a memorable logo. Some companies choose to do this later, but you’ll have the highest chances of success if you differentiate yourself from the others early on.

Visual effects are more powerful than ever nowadays, so it’s imperative that you create an excellent logo and brand identity to use in print, online, and in social media.

6. Establish a brand mission statement

Before you can build a brand that your target audience trusts, you need to know what value your business provides. The mission statement basically defines a purpose for existing. It will inform every other aspect of your brand building strategies.

Everything from your logo to your tagline, voice, message, and personality should reflect that mission.

When people ask you what you do: answer them with your brand mission statement.