Building an application is an endeavor not to be taken lightly. They require large amounts of time, money, and energy. The survival of startups and businesses can revolve around their success. Know what qualities effective applications have and use them as guides when designing and building yours. Here are five that we recommend paying close attention to.


1-Exquisite user interface(UI)

The way your app looks and operates is crucial to its success. This is especially true with free apps because there is a high churn rate. If the app doesn’t look and perform as well as a rival app, the user won’t bother to learn more about what it can do. So Make sure the mobile app you develop has a great impression on the user and has a great UI.

2-Platform appropriate

The app must be completely compatible with the platform it was developed for. It should take advantage of the natural qualities of that specific smartphone or tablet.

Each platform, iOS or Android offers various gesture-based navigation tools. Swipes generate a new screen while removing another, a pinch of the screen can zoom the image in or out.

3-Following the Platform Design Guidelines

The mobile app that you create should be platform appropriate where Google play and Apple App Store both explicit design guidelines for app developers and designers to follow. One needs to cater to the design of the app to a specific device type with ensuring that user experience is seamless.

4-Stability & Performance

You don’t want your users to quit on you, don’t let your app quit on them. If an application is extremely unstable, it may as well not work at all. While users can’t see when an app’s code isn’t well-written, it’s definitely evident when the app randomly crashes, uses too much memory, drains your battery, uses tons of data, and overall just has poor performance. As applications have become larger and more complicated, having a developer who knows how to manage potentially performance inhibiting features such as GPS, media streaming, encryption, and data effectively has become even more important.

5-Adapts to a user’s needs

Creating a successful app is great—but if you can’t maintain that success, it’s all for naught. Winnings apps introduce new features, fix bugs, and streamline the way they operate with each update.