What is a landing page and why is it important? 

You never get a second chance at making a first impression. This is why you need to make sure your landing page is attractive and is an effective tool that transforms website visitors into leads.

A good landing page should immediately let the visitor know that she is in the right place and above all be clear enough so that she knows clearly what to do and where to go. It must have good SEO to be consulted. Above all, when creating or optimizing a landing page, working on the aesthetic is very important. 


How To Optimize The Landing Page?

I – Contents of the landing page:

The content of this homepage is an important element in SEO. Here are some important points that you can optimize :

1 – The structure of your home page

Preferably, your home page should be simple and free of clutter. It should contain a single header that is a Call To Action containing the keyword most sought-after by Internet users. Make sure it’s relevant.

2 – Prioritize information

A home page should be clear and concise for the user. She should not ask herself questions, know where to look, where to click, and not be distracted by other proposals.

The Internet user must quickly identify:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How to contact you

3 – Text and image

Balancing text and image is an element not to be neglected to have an optimal natural SEO and avoid losing customers. Use contrasting colors to highlight your CTA. Make sure to be consistent. 

4 – Services

Highlighting your top sales will increase the referencing of your site and interest your visitors so do not hesitate to add in the top sales products or services on which you wish to be well referenced.

5 – Testimonials

These are important because they bring credibility to your brand. They are statistically proven to be more effective in helping undecided users. 

6 – Home page updates

Updates to the page will make Google find it relevant. Your score will therefore increase at the same time. However, it is still necessary to maintain continuity in the texts. Objectively, modifying pages 3 to 4 times a year is a good ratio.

II – Search Engine Result:

This part is also important since it’s going to be the first thing your target will see when searching. Being clear and straightforward will drive users to click on your link and proceed to your website. 

1 – Title

The first thing to work on is the title of your page. It is one of the indicators that Google will rely on to know what subject the page will deal with. The ‘title’ tag is the most important for the search engine, it is one of the reasons why your site may not come up as you want on. It is important to think about the main keywords you want to appear on. Also, this tag should not exceed 65 characters. It is therefore important to choose your keywords carefully.

2 – Meta Description

Placed just below the title tag on Google, the meta description also plays a role in the referencing of the home page of your site. Here again, choosing the right keywords in this description can make the difference.

Beyond SEO, this text plays a role in captivating the interest of internet users and convince them to click the link. It must be effective and short.