1 – The blog builds trust among users

It may count as the cement of your branding. Indeed, by regularly publishing useful and quality content on your blog, you will optimize your SEO. This will attract your target.

By publishing high value-added articles, your notoriety will increase, your content will be shared, and you will reach 61% of consumers who like the recommendations of their friends and family. Strong expertise in your field will certainly make you noticed by specialized (or generalist) media, which can push them to test your services or to offer you a new platform. The blog, therefore, has a positive influence on your branding and your reputation in general. 


2 – Improve your website’s SEO

According to research, B2B marketers that rely on blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not use blogs Search engines regularly scan websites to check for updates to the site, including the presence or absence of new content. So by regularly publishing blog posts, you can ensure that your site will be updated frequently.


3 – Position yourself as an expert in your field

Your blog will reflect your skills, your expertise, therefore it is crucial to ensure your content is of good quality. This will make you a referent in your theme. 

By talking about your skills and demonstrating your knowledge, you will be able to address your potential customers directly. You will prove to them that you understand their problems and that you are THE person they need to solve them.


4 – Stand out from the competition

Whatever your field of activity, the competition is never far away and you have to be creative to stand out. There could be different experts on the field, a blog gives you the chance to show that you are remarkable compared to them. It gives you space to show how you’re different and how you can offer more or originally solve problems. This could be made possible by showing the human side to your company as shown in the next step. 


5 – Humanize your brand

Through your blog, the prospects perceive the employees, culture, and vision that are the foundation of your company. Blogs are an opportunity to provide a less sanitized image of your company, both more personal and less institutional, they have the power to humanize your brand.