Digital Humanities

Industry: education /  commerce

Process : Agile 

Technology stack:  Adobe XD , React native  , laravel , vue JS 

Country: Tunisia

Services : UI/UX design, Web development, Branding 

Company:  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tunis

The challenge: 

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tunis is nearly a 100 year old university that was a central hub in north africa for social sciences and humanities , and it hosted bright names in the modern world , michel foucault and chokri mabkhout  as  professors , ahmed ibrahim and fadhel al jaziri as students . and due to this richness the university is facing today a challenge of thousands of ressources , books , journals , and articles in their paper forms.

Due to the unavailability of some rare journals and books who are in many cases considered as a national heritage ,  the access to them is no more possible and researchers are deprived of precious content that could unveil a great part of the tunisian and meditarrenean  history.

The Solution:

This project is one of many projects supported by the Tunisian government to provide a faster digital transformation of the different cultural aspects of the national culture.

The project began with the scan of the books from paper into PDF, then the design and the building of a complete E-commerce platform that respects the specifications of books as a cultural products and a national treasure

Features :

  • Share books 
  • Buy books 
  • Download books
  • Saving books