Industry: Media;culture;graphical

Process : waterfall 

Technology stack:  Adobe XD, React, laravel , vue JS, AWS 

Country: United kingdom, Uniter States of America, Canada 

Services:  UI/UX design, web Development, Branding

Company: ODIOBOT / Innovant

The challenge: 

Audiobooks are becoming a trend in digital entertainment , and due to the richness and wide coverage of different interests provided by audiobooks , the market of audiobook recording and selling is having a real boom . As a result sound studios and  freelancers are providing a more and more expensive service to answer that ever increasing demand, this service, audio editing and processing , requires reliable and performant hardware and a lot of time and a skilled sound engineer. This shifting in pricing and lack of talents made it more difficult and expensive to create an audiobook.

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The Solution:

Odiobot is an automated sound engineering solution that provides audiobook files with ACX submission requirements satisfied in a few minutes.odiobot aims to capture the market where sound studios and freelancers are providing this service by presenting an alternative automated service that transforms audio files into ACX verified ones.the  platform offers the post production services in an automated way where quality , speed and pricing are controlled through the automation controlled through the automation process embedded by Innovant Teams , the company behind Odiobot

Features :

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