Industry: Transportation

Process : agile

Technology stack:  Adobe XD 

Country: Tunisia 

Services : UI/UX Design

Company : InnovAnt R&D

The challenge: 

All over the world most of the people use taxi rides in the city to move around. In many cities, taxis are a favorite mode of transportation, which provides better relief to reach your destination perfectly. Taxi rides reduce the burden of driving a car in traffic and also avoids potential hitches. Recently in some cities, taxi drivers refused requests for transportation, which made many citizens suffer through their daily lives and businesses.

The Solution: 

InnovAnt tried to solve this solution by collaborating with a startup in developing their MVP of a taxi booking app:  for passengers where they can  order a ride and receive an instant estimate of the fare and the waiting time, while drivers uses Roote app to receive and accept offers for transportations(with their own cars)  and further information.



  • Scheduled rides
  • Price and time estimation 
  • Rate drivers


  • Receive offers
  • Check passenger information(destination, time…)
  • Technologies: 
  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop